Why Public Diplomacy at SU?

Two Master’s degrees in two years.
You’ll receive a Master of Arts in International Relations and a Master of Science in Public Relations throughout two years of intensive academic study and practical training.

Study at two leading academic institutions.
The Maxwell School has long been recognized as the leading institution in public affairs in the United States, and the Newhouse School is one of the most nationally recognizable institutions for communications.

Learn from world experts in two fields.
Research with some of the world’s most highly accomplished individuals who are now serving as integral members of the Syracuse University faculty.

Alumni networks.
A strong network of MAIR/MSPR, MAIR, and MSPR alumni. This program has strong ties to institutions like the U.S. Department of State and the World Bank, as well as organizations like the World Wildlife Fund, the Near East Foundation, and CNN.

Practical experience.
This is a practical degree that encourages students to explore the many facets of public diplomacy and focus on areas they are most interested. Students obtain practical experience during two internship opportunities and a capstone seminar.