Program Director’s Message

Many believe that the world is a mean, scary and dangerous place. Some of the reasons for this include poor communication and lack of understanding. Syracuse University started the dual-degree program in international relations and public relations to address the growing importance of building positive relationships and mutual understanding across the world.

Our dual-degree program is offered jointly by the Maxwell School and by the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. In less than two years, students in the dual-degree program in international relations and public relations earn two master’s degrees, one in International Relations from Maxwell and one in Public Relations from Newhouse.

Our students find exciting and important jobs in government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and in public relations firms. Dual-degree graduates in international relations and public relations are making the world a better place. They build positive relationships, opening doors of communication and improving understanding between people of different cultures.

The dual-degree begins in early July with a six-week summer gateway seminar, introducing students to the fields of public diplomacy, public communications, and their cross-disciplinary synthesis.

During the fall and spring semesters, students take courses at the Maxwell and Newhouse schools. The following summer, students complete an off-campus experience at one of the following locations: Washington, D.C.; Geneva, Switzerland; Vienna, Austria; or Strasbourg, France. Students resume coursework in the second fall semester and finish the program that spring in Washington, D.C., where they complete a required internship and attend two special seminars addressing issues in public diplomacy and public communication at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) under the guidance of Maxwell and Newhouse professors.

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Dennis F. Kinsey, PhD